Done Recording!

Recording has always been my favorite part of being in a band. Bringing life to ideas you spent so much time cultivating; birthing your babies! Don't get me wrong, playing shows is definitely up there too. But spending a month in the studio with your friends, fooling around and not thinking about anything other than music, has a kid-in-camp feeling to it that you can't quite get at your 9-5.

Anyway, it's safe to say that this album is the best stuff we will put out to date. We've all grown as musicians and I feel so lucky that we get to actually hear that progression since our first EP was written when I was in high school! 

We're expecting our first mix this week. Shortly after that we'll be shooting our first, real (story-line) music video. Lots of cool stuff to come - including updates to this website (like the layout and this blog) as I click a bunch of buttons and discover things I never knew existed. 

Thanks for reading and get excited for Bitter and Better, Winter 2016!