Looks like this whole blog-writing thing fell off. APOLOGIEEEES. 

Long story short, playing Road to Vans Warped Tour in Alaska was as amazing as one would imagine. In addition to meeting and hanging out with bands that constantly inspire us, that are on the cover of our favorite magazines, that are actually super down to earth, the state itself was unreal. 

The sun never went down, there were bears, glaciers, fresh water that you can collect from pipes coming out of snow-capped mountains, WARM weather (despite the one "isn't it cold?" question everyone asks), and so much more.

As far as what we're doing now...

Well, I will be a ballgirl for my 11th year at the US Open, so look out for me on the TV.

Oh yeah, and the band... ;)

We have a few local shows lined up (NYC! Next one is 9/9 in Brooklyn), ARE WRITING NEW MUSICCCCC (very excited about how the tunes are sounding), and will possibly be shooting another video or so off 'Bitter and Better'. 

As always, thanks for the support and stay tuned! (and PLEASE feel free to badger the guys to write on here once in a while)