Mixes Rolling In

We got back two mixes so far and they sound awesome. We just approved one for mastering and the other will shortly follow after a quick edit. The rest are rolling in slowly but surely! We just booked time to shoot our first video. The song we're using for that is called "Good Intentions". I think that's my favorite one, but then again, I change my mind every time I hear another one. I guess that's a good thing!

I'm trying to convince the guys to blog but they're too cool for school. It'll happen eventually...

Sidebar: I had a pretty cool concert-filled weekend. I saw State Champs on their "Home for the Holidays" tour on Saturday and attended Emo Night at Webster Hall on Sunday. Also, I am quite upset to hear that Jeremy left Paramore but I have full faith that the band is far from over.

That's all, folks! Until next time.