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EP Premiere: Behind The Façade – ‘Dancing in a Sinkhole’

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Alt-rock act Behind The Façade premiere high-energy song “Devil”—listen

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Behind The Façade - Tour Tips

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10 bands proving that Long Island pop punk isn’t dead

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— Jonathan L.

We are behind the façade


Behind The Façade is a female-fronted, alternative/pop-punk/rock band from the inner boroughs of New York City. They self-released their debut full-length in March of 2016 and most recently put out an EP in April of 2018. BTF is featured in Alternative Press's "100 bands you need to know" March 2015 issue and noted as 1 of "10 bands proving Long Island pop punk isn't dead". Their most notable shows were Road to Vans Warped Tour in Alaska and opening for Enter Shikari at Gramercy Theatre in NYC in 2016. They also headlined a midwestern/northeastern tour in July of 2015 (Hi Felicia Tour with So Yesterday) & 2017 (Cabbage Fighters Tour with Another Astronaut).


Vocals + Guitar / Danielle Minch
Bass + Vocals / Nick Quiles
Guitar / Danny Briones
Drums / Eliran Malakov




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